Radically Grow Your Digital Revenues

TrailBlazer™ harnesses the power of digital to drive sales using your existing brands, products, content, and audience.

The Sterling Woods Group

TrailGuide: Upgrade Your Digital Skills

Whether you are lagging behind your competition, or you just want to make sure you are on top of the rapidly changing digital world, this solution is for you.

Our CEO, Rob Ristagno, offers keynotes, trainings, and workshops on topics such as:

Your Best Customers

Focus on Your “Whales”: How Listening to the Top 5% of Your Customers Drives Double-Digit Growth.


How to Reduce the Complexity and Expense of Digital Products, Sales, and Marketing even if You Have Struggled In The Past!

Digital 101

Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital, But Were Afraid to Ask.

Monetization Secrets

The Secrets to Monetizing Your Content: Never Suffer from Declining Revenues Again.

We also offer custom content based on your needs.

See sample videos of the material here

TrailMap: 10% Growth GUARANTEE

If, after spending one month with you, our experts can’t identify a slate of initiatives that grow your profits by at least 10%, then you get your money back.

Our experts analyze your business and present a list of specific actions you can take to boost your bottom line.

Initiatives Include:


Generating leads for your sales force and advertisers.


Driving e-commerce conversions of your existing products and services.


Leveraging the assets you already have to create and optimize online products and service.


Identifying lucrative business partnerships with complementary brands


Using data to ensure you are offering the right product, to the right person, at the right price.


Cost cutting opportunities.

TrailBlazer: Let Us Drive Growth For You

Know you’re missing out on digital revenue, but lack the resources and bandwidth to execute?

Use us as your “Fractional Digital Department,” complete with a Chief Digital Officer, developer, designer, and marketing specialist.

We all know the digital world is messy and confusing with many competing technologies, integration headaches, and the recognition that today’s solution might not work tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like walking through a forest where the brush is so high you can’t figure out where to go. Making the right choices and getting everything operating correctly while running your core business is exorbitantly expensive and complex.

The Sterling Woods Group provides clarity. Our TrailBlazerTM solution is like a smooth path through the woods. It allows you to seamlessly drive radical digital revenue. Our job is to transform what is chaotic, complicated, and expensive into something that is smooth, easy, and attainable. We get your digital sales growing faster, cheaper, and with less risk.

Actual Results

  • From declining profits to 50% bottom line growth
  • From $0 to seven-figure e-commerce business within 1 year
  • From scratch to 160,000 monthly visitors and 50,000 email names within 10 weeks