Make sense of your data to predictably grow sales, launch new products, and enter new markets

Does this sound familiar?

Typically, when we start working with a client we find many of the following challenges:

  • Need for more organic growth
  • Data in too many different places
  • Only an anecdotal understanding of the customer
  • Inconsistent discipline around monitoring KPIs and limited use of experiments to optimize the business
  • Sales needs more qualified leads
  • Too short-staffed to execute new ideas
  • New product and market expansion ideas based on “gut feel” rather than analysis
  • A lot of money spent on technology, but lack of understanding of the return on those investments
  • Debates over data accuracy rather than discussions about how to grow sales
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How we help

After working with Sterling Woods, clients confidently grow their business organically

  • Deeper understanding of their best customers, grounded in data
  • Robust marketing and sales strategy
  • Discipline to monitor metrics, experiment, and correct course as needed
  • Product pipelines and new market strategies that predictably deliver growth
  • Accelerated growth, greater EBITDA, higher valuation multiple
We literally wrote the book on how to profit by focusing on your best customers

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About Us

Sterling Woods Group accelerates organic revenue growth through the power of data. Through our proprietary solution we offer the secret-formula to success. Launch new products (including lucrative memberships), reach new markets, optimize your sales and marketing funnel.

“What if we spent more time ON our data, rather than IN it?”

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