Our Values

We love data.

It shows us what users want and need.

We are learners.

Technology changes fast.

We love to read.

We think good content is worth paying for.

We are compassionate.

We understand every business has different needs.

We have worked with dozens of brands, including:


  • Active Interest Media
  • Taunton Press
  • Madavor Media
  • Kovels
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Annie’s
  • Battenkill Communications
  • Engaged Media 
  • T&L Publications (Nuts & Volts, SERVO)
  • South Coast Almanac
  • Other “house of brands” magazine publishers in enthusiast niches (confidential per our agreements)
  • National newspaper (confidential per our agreement)


  • Diversified Communications 
  • EB Medicine
  • Bongarde (Safety Now, Safety Smart)
  • Observer Media
  • JoVE
  • Healthcare Business International
  • SmartMeetings
  • Niche Media
  • TrackMan

Our Team

We think we do a heck-of-a-job.

Rob Ristagno, CEO

Rob Ristagno is the founder of The Sterling Woods Group and partners with companies to drive rapid digital revenue growth. Previously, Rob served as a senior executive for several niche media and e-commerce companies. Rob started his career as a consultant at McKinsey and hold degrees from the Harvard Business School and Dartmouth College. He has taught Product Strategy at Boston College.

Jeremy Spurr, Board Member

Jeremy has 15 years experience in leading product design for startup companies.

Patrick Hereford, Board Member

Patrick Hereford is a seasoned technology expert with experience architecting solutions at any portion of a product lifecycle. Patrick has built prototypes, maintained legacy systems, increased system performance, maintained documentation, and more. Patrick has experience leading the development of ecommerce systems, payment systems, content management systems, paywall systems, and more. In addition to experience on the web, Patrick has also prototyped, launched, and maintained a variety of iOS mobile applications.

Current Openings

We are committed to hiring problem solvers.

WordPress Developer

User Experience Designer

Marketing Associate

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to jobs@sterlingwoodsgroup.com

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