"Cut through the noise. Make better decisions with your data...what is that one simple piece of information that no one else is paying attention to?"
4 Major Takeaways From The Business Information & Media Summit | BIMS 2017 | The Sterling Woods Group
Rob Ristagno

Consulting Services

Marketing Optimization

We help you use data and technology to build deeper relationships with your best customers. As a result, these customers are more profitable and generate free word-of-mouth marketing. Your top customers also help you innovate, because they provide insightful feedback, participate in experiments, and adopt new products quickly.

Customer Data Strategy

Our experts help you build a plan to maximize the impact of your spend on data and technology. Then we help you set the right KPIs and develop processes to monitor the metrics, analyze the right data, run experiments, and act on the insights.

Advanced Analytics

Increase the ROI of your digital efforts. We can help you make sure you are attracting the right visitors, charging the right price, and offering the right products and services. All through the power of analytics. Maximize customer lifetime value and minimize frustration due to trial and error.

Membership Strategy

Grow your online revenues by applying the Sterling Woods Group's proprietary five forces to launch or re-launch a membership program. We analyze your audience and content to develop the value proposition, pricing, and marketing plan that lock in success.

New Product Strategy

Why rely on gut feel alone when there are proven methodologies for identifying, developing, testing, and scaling new products and services? We show you how.

New Market Entry

Data tells us which adjacent markets are the most attractive for your business. This could mean geographic expansion or entry into a new customer segment. We then work with you to develop the go-to-market strategy.

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