"Cut through the noise. Make better decisions with your data...provide insights to your newsroom or editorial staff so they can focus on their core competency, content generation.
4 Major Takeaways From The Business Information & Media Summit | BIMS 2017 | The Sterling Woods Group
Rob Ristagno

Consulting Services

Membership Strategy

Grow your online revenues by applying the Sterling Woods Group's proprietary five forces to launch or re-launch a membership program. We analyze your audience and content to develop the value proposition, pricing, and marketing plan that lock in success.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Consulting

The key to guarantee a positive return on marketing technology investment is to have a clear business plan and strategy in place before you license any software or build your own tool. Our experts help you come up with a plan to maximize the impact of your spend.

Digital Product Management

88% of the companies on the Fortune 500 list 50 years ago are now out of business. Why? You must innovate or die! Our Product Management and New Product Development framework and consulting ensure your organization is set up for continuous, double-digit growth.

Strategic Planning

Clients invite the Sterling Woods Group to run workshops to develop data-driven strategic plans. Our methodology makes the strategic planning process fun and engaging. ​

Fractional Marketing Executive

Clients embed a Sterling Woods Group executive into their team (on a part time basis) to develop a marketing strategy then support the team on implementation and continuous refinement. Access CMO-level thinking for a fraction of the cost.​

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